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City of Glance: Singapore is a key global business and financial hub and one of the most developed countries in Asia. It is also well recognized as one of the worlds’s Freest, most competitive and business friendly economies, and is currently ranked First in Word Bank’s Ease of doing Business Index and second in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index.

Who Is ‘’IIML’’?

IIML is a knowledge entity of international standing sustained by means of basic and applied research. By partaking in a European and global network of international centers of knowledge Management, IIML works on large projects with several like-minded worldwide universities and business schools. By cultivating close relations with the firms, agencies, their management and officials, IIML constantly interacts with the business and economic environment to assess new issues, implement new techniques, and start new research endeavors.

Why You Choose This College?

Multi-country study module in India, Hongkong, Malaysia & Europe

Marketing as a major emphasis - the fundamental skill to power your self

Gateway to global corporate career with globally recognized certifications

Affordable tuition fee & cost of living.

Scholarship available.

 Job opportunity – More than 6,000 companies from around the world have set up.

Access to seed funding for budding Entrepreneurs.

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