Punjab government schools to become English medium, asks when to start.

The secretary of school education of Punjab has issued an order asking the government primary schools to "decide at their own level" if they will be able to implement English as the medium of instruction from this session.

It is, however, optional and not compulsory for students who want to continue studying in Punjabi.

According to the order, which reached the district education officers on Thursday, 1,886 middle (classes 5 to 8), high (classes 6 to 10) and senior secondary (classes 6 to 12) schools are going for English as their medium of instruction from this session.


"As regards primary schools, a suggestion has been received from teachers that they should be given liberty to start English medium as per their choice and availability of resources. Accordingly, it has been decided that primary school teachers may decide at their own level to start English medium in their schools," read the order, reports The Indian Express.

There are more than 800 primary schools, which have expressed their desire to start the English-medium. "But, seeing that the primary schools have limited resources, we are not forcing them. Soon we will have a figure of primary schools too where English medium is being started and we will release it," said Punjab Education Minister Aruna Chaudhary.


A teacher said that logically there is no use of starting English as the medium of instruction from Class 6 if a student has studied in Punjabi from class 1 to class 5.

"The purpose is solved only if the English medium starts right from Class 1," the teacher told Indian Express.

However, only maths and science will be taught in English, even in the schools adopting the language as their medium of instruction, from this year, while social studies will be continued to be taught in Punjabi. This decision, as per the orders, has been taken "on the advice of subject experts in State Council of Educational Research and Training".

"This is nothing more than confusing the students to make them study general science in English and social studies in Punjabi," said another teacher.

There will be a training session for teachers to teach in English medium.

English-medium books are under printing and will reach the schools soon.

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