MBBS Courses in Foreign Universities| Why Not U?



   Low cost but quality of education and safety/security is always a concern, cold    country, 5 year course) (TOTAL COST: 10 LK-15 LK)

·         Fully English Medium 5.8 yrs. course

·         -WHO recognized university

·         -More than 1000 Indian students (Boys & Girls)

·         -Hostels are on campus

·         -Indian teachers working in Kyrgyzstan universities

·         -Worlds cheapest university

·         -Best university with best education and cheapest fees across the world



Russia (Govt. Universities, decent quality of education, 6 year’s course, one of few oldest destination for medical education, very cold) ( TOTAL COST:15 -20 LK)


·         It is the happening education hub of Europe, offering the best and the advanced in education which is time tested and proved to navigate the future educational needs.

·         The admission process is comparatively lenient and accesses students overall performance without any entrance examination.

·         All the institutes are Government recognized which strictly adheres to no donation fee or capitation fee, making the study affordable.

·         The admission process is hassle free with no hiccups and bottle necks and without lengthy processes.

·         All institutes are recognized by WHO, UNESCO and medical council of India for future practicing.

·         State of the art campuses, fully equipped labs, and ultra-modern learning facilities with dedicated and intelligent professors and their scientific approach makes learning an experience.

·         Extensive exposure to clinical practice and research due to multi bedded hospitals.

·         Low cost of living making the stay economical and comforting.



Ukraine (6 year’s course, decent quality of education, government universities, one of few oldest destination for medical education, cold country) (TOTAL COST: 14- 18LK)

·         Quality Education.

·          Globally Recognized Courses (WHO, UNESCO, MCI, PMDC, NMC Nepal medical council, EUROPEAN COUNCIL and many more countries of the world etc.)

·         Cost effective.

·         European Life Standard.

·         Worldwide Acceptance of Ukrainian Method of Teaching.

·         English Medium of Instruction

·         Moderate Climate around.

·         International Students enjoy approximately 50% discount on travel.

·         Enrichment of Experience through Visiting Professors from USA, CANADA.

·         Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Universities in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Check Republic, etc.


Bangladesh (A country like India, infect Old India, high eligibility standards, quality education, best clinical practice, syllabus, books, weather, language almost everything is same as India,( TOTAL COST :24 to 30 Lakh)

·         The degree offered is Doctor of Medicine (MD) which is equivalent to MBBS of India.

·         Affordable fee structure

·         Course duration is 5 years

·         Separate hostel for boys and girls

·         Degree approved by WHO, MCI

·         100% Admission & Visa guidance.


Georgia (6 year’s course, people are misleading as 5 year’s course, new destination for medical education, most of them are private universities, very safe, total cost between 25 to 35 LK Rupees)


·         Georgia is obtaining importance as a popular destination among the medical students who wishes to Study MBBS Abroad.

·         Furthermore, the courses offered by the medical universities in Georgia are both recognized by the MCI and WHO.

·         MBBS Admission in Georgia is actually a most affordable option than the Indian private medical colleges. Students in Private Indian medical colleges are lacking the practical experience.

·         Therefore, there is absolutely no reason paying out donations to get MBBS Admission in private medical colleges in India.

·         Compared with India, the process of taking admission in MBBS in Georgia universities is quite simple. Students with 50% score in PCB can take MBBS admission in Georgia.

·         The universities focus on skill developing that make sure the students have got a fair knowledge of the medical terms, where they will merge together with the training perfectly.


 American University of Barbados (Weather same as India, English Medium countries, option to appear for USMLE/PLAB/MCAT after 2/3 years, Opportunity of FREE PG, 4.5/5 year’s course, high budget 40 to 60 Lakh rupees)




If your priority is Quality and MCI Passing Rate

1.       Bangladesh (Syllabus is same as India)

2.      American university of Barbados (disease pattern and weather is same as India, course lead to USA/UK/Canada for FREE PG), Select option after checking complete details about universities as most of the universities are private and does not have long history

3.      Russia (Following Russian Pattern, Focused on disease pattern, clinical practice in cold countries)

4.      Ukraine (Following Russian Pattern, Focused on disease pattern, clinical practice in cold countries)

5.      Georgia (Following European Education System, Focused on disease pattern, clinical practice in cold countries)

6.      Kyrgyzstan (Following Russian Pattern, Focused on disease pattern, clinical practice in cold countries)


If you talk about value for money (Most preferred Options for Indian Students)

1. Bangladesh (5 Year’s Course) MBBS IN BANGLADESH  

2. American University of Barbados (5 year’s course) MBBS IN BARBADOS

3. Russia (5 year’s course)        MBBS IN RUSSIA

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